The Privacy Statement illustrates in details on how uses of transfers and data revelation which also includes Personal information collected from users.

Data Collection Process

Data is collected to provide assistance to users based on their query. The particular data collection process is imperative to accomplish and operate business which can be directly achieved when account activation is established with the And also by purchasing or contacting for procuring services for troubleshooting, support services and maintenance. The purpose of collecting Information is to know the model used by the user, the troubles faced and the suitable solutions to be proffered. The broad kinds of data usually collected by involve the below:

Name and Contact Details

Include all private information related to the brand, user’s contact numbers, dwelling Address, e-mail address and any other additional information collected through our website, emails, instant chat or perhaps troubleshooting calls to toll-free number is stringent and much concerned with regard to the purpose of making additional services and is maintained securely.

Credentials and Repayment information

Verification along with Account access may require information from users to allow to provide user services and facilities. Virtually any payment information provided by the consumers to should be for the goal of service provision and to be treated with extreme care.

Device Information

The information about the Printer designs, configuration, network configuration and credentials and other valid details need to be collected by for supplying services for the printer products.

Reports on Troubleshoots and Errors

Information from the customers is usually collected in regards with the issues faced in the course of the troubleshooting process. Specific solutions shall be proffered to customers after figuring out the problem. Error Information should usually indicate details along with the error type, severity of the error, it causes, the software and equipment errors, and device status in addition to other information which could possibly be essential to provide the services.

Location enquiry

During the course of service provided by the may accumulate information on the area where the printer device’s resides it is just for the purpose of customer servicing.

Personal Data utilizes private information of the users for providing the customer services. This information is purely confidential. However, the data need to be disclosed to the proper government authorities, if the rights of is obstructed or even dishonored.

By submitting private information to or by entering the data to the particular website, all users appreciate that they have understood and agreed to this definite Privacy Statement of