Brother Printer Ink

You can use two types of cartridges as a Brother printer ink, the original cartridges and the refillable ones. Surprising, there are techniques that allow a refill of original cartridges which was thought impossible before. In this article, we will have a look into how you can refill an original cartridge as well as a refillable ink cartridge.

Brother Printer Ink

Brother Printer Ink

An Original Cartridge

Users can easily differentiate between an original cartridge and a duplicate by simply looking into the Brother seal. In case, this seal is absent, then you know for sure that it is a fake and return it to the retailer along with the bill. Now that you are sure that you hold an original cartridge, there are few things to be noted before you begin the refill procedure.

  1. Air intake
  2. Ink outlet
  3. Refill spot

Air Intake

  • It is identified by a white column
  • Present in the center of its structure
  • Acts as an outlet for air pressure
  • Which builds up within the cartridge

Ink Outlet

  • It is found at the bottom
  • A white opening
  • Releases the ink from the cartridge

Refill Spot

  • This is where you will insert new ink
  • It lays just behind the ink outlet
  • Carefully identify this component

Refill Steps

Once you are thorough with these components, you are now ready to start the procedure for the ink refill.

  • Turn off your printer
  • Pull out the cartridge
  • The one that is to be refilled
  • Open the outer shell
  • For which, you can use a knife
  • Sometimes, a plier would also help
  • Remove the sticker or tape that seals the refill spot
  • Now, drill a small hole
  • But be very careful during this drilling process
  • Otherwise, the ink bag may get ruptured
  • Use a syringe to fill in the refill ink
  • Insert it in the refill spot
  • Gently push the ink into this spot
  • Also, place a pen on the air intake
  • This will enhance the Brother printer ink flow

If this process was successful, then insert the cartridge back into its original slot. Then, try printing a test page to check the efficiency of this new refill. In case, the test print is not satisfactory, then you may have to reach out for expert help at

A Refillable Cartridge

  • These refillable cartridges are always mess free and don’t require any drilling or other processes to reveal your refill spot.
  • Purchase a compatible refillable cartridge
  • And then, install the photo plate
  • This arrives along with your purchase
  • Make a clear note of the air vent and the refill hole
  • There are plugs at both these points
  • Remove them before the refill
  • Use a syringe for enabling the refill
  • This is because it is spill-proof and efficient
  • Do not refill till the brim
  • Always, leave some gap for the plugs
  • After completing the refill, insert the plugs
  • However, leave the air vent open
  • Do not plug it
  • And finally, reset the Brother printer ink level
  • Change them to full

In case of any doubts in this process, then call us at our toll-free number +1-800-717-2530 for Brother printer assistance.

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